Do I need a building permit?

Some of our modules can be installed without the need of a building permit. The exact details vary from project to project. It is strongly advised to reach out to the local government to be aware of the restrictions in your area.

Can I choose the interior finishes of my bePod?

All our bePod modules are fully customizable. A wide variation of finishes are available for both interior and outside finishes.

Is there a water supply in my bePod?

Depending on the model and your preferences we can always provide a water supply.

Which foundation do I need for the bePod placement?

  • Our modules are installed on a concrete slab of about 20cm. This, because the light-steel structure is self-supporting but needs a perfectly flat surface for optimal installation.

  • Another option is screw foundation. This is a useful technique for installation in green, natural locations. After soil tests, the right depths of crew foundations are installed, a wooden framework is placed on top of those and this forms the foundation of the module.

Are the modules permanent or moveable?

Because of the system with which our modules are built, they are moveable at all times if necessary.

How fire-resistant is the bePod structure?

Because the steel structure does not burn, our system provides a high fire resistance. We also use a fire-resisting type of panels to provide a certain degree of fire resistance.

Is this a form of sustainable building?

It most certainly is. Building with BePods is meeting all of today’s standards without jeopardizing future generations. Steel is 100% recyclable and energy consumption for the building process is up to 70% less compared to traditional building.

How can I get a quotation for my project?

Send us the plans of your project. To give you the most accurate price quotation, we need as much information as possible. this could be a list of your wishes, a drawing, or a full plan from your architect. Contact us.