The beauty of extra space: bePods

Our flexible living spaces are a combination of design, high acoustic and thermal values and an impeccable Belgian quality. BePods provides the solution to every need of extra space. Ranging from living environment to inspiring commercial space, custom made.



Poolhouse with an open bar, sauna, outdoor shower and lounge? These are just a few of the possibilities with our Lounge module.


House extension, complete home module, care-module or co-housing unit? Discover the possibilities of our Home modules.


Extra living space, a quiet workplace, a home practice? Discover the endless possibilities with our Office modules.


Endless possibilities with our modules

Our concept is simply good. An extra living space to function as poolhouse, office, house extension, technical room, bed and breakfast, fitness room, …

Original house extension or outhouse

Modern outhouses that combine durability, comfort, design and quality. Our modules are eco-constructions developed through an innovative construction system of light steel framing. Each module is completely custom made and designed to your preferences.

slim alternatief als bijgebouw, poolhouse, containerwoning, tuinkantoor


Producing to an unmatched level of finish. Cooperation with engineers and architects ensures a perfect combination of both style and functionality. Our living spaces are designed to fit intelligently to your unique environment.

Ecologische modulaire woningen geplaatst in één dag


Our modules open up new living spaces without harming the environment. They are designed to have a minimal ecological impact. All materials are sustainable and and selected to create healthy and energy-saving living spaces.

moderne, Efficiënt geproduceerde modulaire gebouwen geplaatst in één dag


Placement in one day. It does not get any more efficient. Minimal hassle and '‘construction-site” feeling in combination with a perfect tracking and personalization, we take care of maximum enjoyment throughout the building and placement process.


Would you like more information?

Are you working on a project or would you like more information about our product? Do not hesitate to contact us, our team is at your service to help you design and develop your product.